Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay, I must say I'm a bit concerned about tollerances and the precise level of the angles from cutting this frame out by hand. I did a test fit tonight and a LOT of it is highly dependent upon getting all the pieces in the right positions and fully "seated" against one another. I don't have the clearances down to where I need them yet and was unable to get all the ribs in place, but it looks like everything is basically in the right place.

I'll keep working on cleaning up the cuts and trying to get the fit a little bit closer.

Another problem I had was in unpacking my Sherrell Skins. I discovered the bottom of one of the outer skins became detached from itself (pictured below) and I'm wondering if it's going to cause me problems later down the road. If I'm correct, it will not because the skins will be bonded together and attached to the frame, so I think I'm okay.

So, I proceeded to test fit the skins around the frame and I believe it's pretty darn close. It may need some more sanding around the rings, but I'm not sure until I get all the uprights and ribs to join at a flat plane.

I couldn't resist setting the dome on top of it all!

Another concern I have is the height of the frame vs. the height of the skins. The frame is coming in about 1/16" under 19 3/8", while the skins are a nearly perfect 19 3/8".

I'm leaning towards everything being okay. By the time I clamp it all down, glue it and place some strategic nails and/or screws into the frame, I think the tolerances will become a lot better. But I do believe I'm in the ballpark. Only time will tell right now.

Worse case scenario: Start another frame...I've got enought wood.

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