Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I had about two hours tonight to get down to the garage from 9pm until 11pm and get my frame glued and drying. I picked up where I left off last night and checked the condition of everything that dried. Looking good.

After getting everything glued together and placing some screws into key ribs and verticals, I then set about filling some of the gaps in the router work with wood putty. It's a little sloppy now, but I'll go back in tomorrow and Friday and sand it smooth and get it all cleaned up. So, here's some photos of the frame all glued up and puttied, drying.

Here's the front view:

Side View:

Back View

I think I'm pretty pleased with the way it came together. Still minor flaws here and there, and it can use a little sanding here and there to smooth out a few high spots around the ribs, but, overall very pleased!!

Next up, sanding a painting the frame. I know...I know...why paint the's just something I want to do. I'll get into reasons another time. I'm tired!!! More pictures of the frame to follow during painting.

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