Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cinematic History?

Tonight, December 29th, 2009, my son and I went to see the 10:30pm showing of James Cameron's AVATAR in Real3D at our local cinema. I was cautiously looking forward to it...and we are SO VERY glad we went.

For anyone out there who is contemplating whether or not to see this film, I'll put in my two cents.

First off, you MUST see this film in Real3D. It is probably the ONLY way to see this film. Looking back, only an hour after the film is over, I can honestly say it would have been a good film, but the grand scale of the story truly comes to life in 3D. The Real3D technology used to bring the images to life will NOT give you a headache. At two and a half hours, not once did I need to take my glasses off. For those who aren't used to wearing glasses, like my son, the worst that will happen is the top ridge of your ear will get a little sore, like wearing sunglasses for too long. You will find yourself in the fictional world of Pandora once you put on those glasses.

Second, WETA, Peter Jackson's movie production studio, has done a superb job of making you believe everything you see on screen. The characters are so incredibly rich and detailed, you'll forget you're watching a computer animation.

For those who are worried about age limits, there is some strong language in the film, along with a few suggestive romantic moments.

We may have just witnessed the bar being raised a little bit higher for film making. I can only imagine what Star Wars would have looked like in this Real3D technology. WOW!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Son's Stormtrooper Costume

This post is a bit late, but I realized I hadn't posted this up. Here's a shot of my son's Stormtrooper costume from Halloween 2009. The helmet is a Master Replica's CE. The rifle is the Battle Droid Rifle (toy), and the suit is entirely made out of Craft Foam from Michael's Arts and Crafts. It took me about 3 days and a bunch of glue to get it ready for Halloween, but only cost around $15.00 in the end (minus the helmet and rifle). Inspiration came from Chris' work over at Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props

Here's the photo:

What's missing in this photo are the Shoulder Bells which were completed after the photo was taken and the white shoes. I'll try and get him to suit up again soon for another photo. (Yeah, like that will be hard to do!)

4th Troop, 3rd Event

Welp, since R2 is coming along really slow due to expense issues, I'm opting to share another set of photos from my latest Vader Troop with the Central California Garrison of the 501st.

On Wednesday, December 16th, 2009, myself and four other members made an appearance for the Salvation Army and the local News10 Crew for "Coats for Kids". We trooped for four total hours and collected well over 1,000 coats.

Here's a few photos: