Thursday, May 9, 2013


Here's a series of photographs from my latest appearance as Vader with the 501st Central California Garrison at Gamer's Circle Comics in Folsom, CA on May 4th, 2013.
This is a comparison shot of me standing next to Gamer's Circle Comics Shop Owner Andy Wood. Andy stands 6'2". The left portion of the picture is a shot of us from 2009. The right side is a shot of us from 2013. Notice my height gain? That's thanks to the custom boots I had designed with internal lifts and a taller heel.
The full image from the photo above (2013)
You have failed me for the last time...
Isn't photography wonderful! That's me lifting a fellow 501st member off the ground in front of the shop!
My son and I! So proud of him for helping me out! He'll be a Clone Trooper this summer!
In front of the shop
Lifting my son into the air!

Another shot in front of the shop The shop flyer from the event