Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi Gang! Today was another fun day in the life of a Sith Lord!

I had the honor of being on the local news this morning! Myself and two other Central California Garrison members assisted Legoland as they promoted a new Star Wars themed series of attractions at it's themepark here in California. It was a lot of fun being inside the studio and meeting all the local news personalities!

Here's a few shots I thought you might enjoy!

Executive Protection for Eileen Javora of KCRA 3

Deirdre Fitzpatrick of KCRA 3

I'm the guy in all black! LOL!

"Life-size R2D2 made entirely of Legos"

"Life-size Chewbacca"

Millennium Falcon (WOW!)

Look! A Chicken Walker!

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