Monday, February 7, 2011


Made some more progress on the SGT FANG Boba Fett and Clone6 Episode II Clone Pilot Helmets last night and tonight. Here's a few pics to keep you updated:

First up is the SGT FANG Boba. There was quite a build-up of resin along the bottom edge of the left mandible. I sanded down what I could but it still wasn't looking right, so I've now gone in and filled that area with some bondo. Hopefully, I'll go back in and smooth it all out and get the "lump" fixed from the poor quality mold it was pulled from.

"Fixing Left Mandible"

The right side of the helmet also had a fair amount of pitting and damage to it which I've filled with bondo and will be sanding smooth this weekend.

"Right Side Ear Repairs"

Lastly, for the time being, the top of the helmet. When I coated the inside of the dome with fiberglass and resin, it got pretty hot while it was curing. This caused a pretty good crack in the resin on the top of the dome. A little bit of Bondo and she's good as new!

"Fixing Crack on Top of Dome"

Next up are the Clone Pilot cast repairs. Again, another bad pull but I knew what I was getting on this helmet. The SGT FANG Boba Helmet damage was unexpected. This Clone was anticipated work.

Again, this picture is of a friend's completed Clone Pilot, not mine. This is just a reference point for me.

"The Goal"

Here's a shot of the right side of the head, or the right ear, before I did anything to it. This was from the damaged mold allowing the resin to pour into the ripped and torn parts of the silicone negative. (The subsequent two shots are of the gradual repair so far) I had to reinforce the inside of the ear area with Magic Sculpt to give myself something to carve into.

Now,the left ear was even worse and all the detail had been lost, as you can see in the first and second photo. So, after backing it with more Magic Sculpt, I began carving into the resin and Magic Sculpt. Working slowly with my dremel tool will eventually get all this carved out. I'll be smoothing things out with sand paper and bondo once I get the shape cut in.

Next up were the rear seam lines. The two halves of the mold weren't quite lined up properly causing the right and left sides of the helmet to come together slightly lopsided. Once I get the seam sanded smooth, I'll probably go back in and build a few small areas back up with some more Magic Sculpt or Bondo.

Lastly, the beginning of reconstruction of the Chin Pocket and cutting out of the Visor area and Teeth. The Chin Pocket is going to take a fair amount of work to reconstruct. The visor and teeth area was pretty simple.

Until next update...

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