Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's Sunday, and I spent most my day at WORK!!! YUCK!!! So, when I got home, I needed to take my mind off crap. I went down to the garage and started working on the Boba and Pilot helmet. I made quite a bit of progress on Boba, but forgot to take the pics. Here's the pics from the Pilot.

The first five pictures below show the bottom of the helmet neck ring cut off. This is in preparation for the Magic Sculpt and magnetic attachment.

Next, I determined I wasn't pleased with the seam lines I'd sanded, so I went back in with some Bondo Glazing Putty and filled the trouble areas. Most of it will be sanded smooth in the next few days.

Afterwards, I placed the Magic Sculpt into the Neck Ring and Helmet Base to provide the foundation where the magnets will be embeded later.

I should probably mention here that I goofed up the neck ring pretty good. You'll see in this next photo that I had to rejoin the neck ring in two places where I cut it too short. Some super glue, some fiberglass resin and matting and a bunch of Bondo Glazing Putty and the Neck Ring is good as new.

I haven't put the magnets in yet, but as you can see, the ring fits up against the base of the helmet very well. A touch of sanding here and there and it should be nice and snug.

I'd also like to tell you about a tip I learned with Magic Sculpt. When I'm trying to marry up the two halves of the helmet (Neck Ring and Helmet) with the Magic Sculpt ledges, it's nice to get them kissing right up against each other. Well, when your working with the pliable state of Magic Sculpt, it will stick to itself and there was no way to press it up against itself and then pull it back apart. However, a buddy told me to lay saran wrap over the edges and it will allow you to get a nice tight fit without the sculpt sticking to itself...IT WORKED! Let it dry with the wrap in place. Once dry, pull the two pieces apart and you have a nice tight fit.

Next up, more sanding and then on to drilling the pilot holes for the magnets; followed by the primer coats of paint and plasti-dip coating on the inside.

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