Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, the paint colors came out great!! I'm VERY pleased with the results! Again, the cans are in the garage and I don't want to run all the way back out there to write down the colors I used. They're rattle cans from Kragen Auto. But, I will! Note to self: List the cans of paint in the blog TOMORROW!!! :)

Anyway, here's the latest and then after a few hours near a heat source, the assembled helmet.

First up, I coated the Face Plate in another layer of Gold

Then, I decided to get brave and test out spraying the helmet after I masked off the chin area that I sprayed gold yesterday.

Followed by the rear Neck Plate

Then, two more coats on each and I was ready to let this one sit and dry near a heat source for a while.

After a couple of hours...WOO HOO!!! What a BEAUTY!

All that remains now is to do some very minor touch up work here and there from the masking, rubberize the interior and possibly pad a few spots, install the electronics for the eyes and get the magnets installed to secure the Face Plate and Neck Plate to the Helmet.

This one was very enjoyable to do! I may have to consider another one in the future! :)

I also sprayed the last and final coat of primer onto the Boba Fett helmet tonight. I think I've about worked out everything I can on this helmet without sanding portions all the way back down again. This mold was in REALLY bad shape when this helmet was pulled. But, it's looking pretty good now. Next up will be the planning stages for the battle damaged paint scheme from Empire Strikes Back. I believe it's about 6 layers of different colored paints with previous layers showing through here and there.

Good night all! :)

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