Saturday, February 19, 2011


After working for about 6 hours today, I came home and went straight to my garage to paint some helmets. The rain here had stopped and the sun was out for a bit so I figured I'd take advantage of the moment.

Here's the shots of the Clone Pilot Helmet with two coats of primer on it. Most of the trouble areas from the mold look pretty good. There's still some fine grit sanding I want to do with mabye 2000 grit or so, but for now, it needs to sit in the garage and dry for at least 24 hours.

Episode II Clone Pilot Helmet Primered

Tough to see here but the reapaired ear area looks pretty good

The other side

The Back

Of all the weak areas on this primer coat, I'm going to say the back needs the most work. I'll hopefully be spending some more time on it this weekend.

Next up, the Boba Helmet. Now that I have a few coats of primer on it, I need to do some more work. I'm not happy with the repairs yet. I'll hit it with some 400 grit in the coming days and go to work on repairing more of the mandibles and the ear areas. But at least it's got a couple coats on it now.

I love the gray primer. It really helps the detail jump out. Maybe one of these days I'll do a CUSTOM armor of battle gray. Hmmmmm.......

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