Monday, August 20, 2012


One of my favorite events, Star Wars Night at Raley Field with the Sacramento River Cats.  Here's the 2012 season pics.  I almost passed out from heat exhaustion in the suit this year, but it was still a LOT of fun!

This particular young fan was so fascinated that Darth Vader was there, in person, to say hello.  She was completely amazed and wanted to push all the buttons on the suit!  These are the moments that make wearing the Vader Suit so special!

A small number of lucky kids were selected to be part of the River Cats 2012 Field of Dreams where they get to go out on the field with a Star Wars Character AND a player from the River Cats.  Here I am with my lucky fan, Jordan.

Posing for pictures with the fans in the stands!
This is a fun photo that shows just how TALL the Stormtroopers in the Central California Garrison are...currently, in my Vader Suit, I stand at just under 6' 6.5".  The real Vader was 6' 8"  I've got guys in my garrison who make me look short because they stand over 6' 5" WITHOUT their Stormtrooper suits!!!!!! 

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