Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here's an updated shot of the helmet progress from last night. First, I'd started hand painting the Firebirds with a small bottle of paint I picked up at a local discount store. After painting both birds, it was obvious to me the color was off from the mohawk. So, I grabbed the spray paint I used on the mohawk and sprayed it into a lid, using it to brush onto the firebirds. Perfect match! I don't have the steady hand I used to have and had a bit of problem keeping the fine detail lines straight. I also wasn't real happy with the front of the helmet (black and yellow area) until I looked at the screen used shot. I then realized the actual helmet had been hand painted as well and didn't look much neater than what I was doing. I'm going to take my time and try not to make it look to hand painted, but by the time I dirty it up and add all the weathering and scratches, carbon scoring and coatings, it should be less obvious.
My helmet vs. the Screen Shot from the film. Note the hand painted Black and Yellow on the screen used helmet. Also keep in mind, the yellow looks different because my picture was taken under different lighting conditions.

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