Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, last summer, I painted up a Red Clone Captain bucket from Episode II for my son. Imagine my horror when he tells me, after he sees it for the first time, "Why'd you paint it red? I wanted blue!"

So, I told him I'd re-paint it this year.
That's what I started on while working on the X-Wing helmet last week. Scuffed it all up, primed it, and started painting. At one point three days ago, it fell off my paint stand and hit the ground!!!! Cracked the whole side of the helmet....pretty major damage. Two years ago, I would have thrown the whole bucket away. Today, some Magic Sculpt, CA Glue, sanding sponge and some spot putty and it's fixed up pretty darn good. Not perfect, but it would have taken me a week or more to truly make the repair invisible. Anyway, on with the photos. Still some touch up work to do, paint the rear vent and install a visor, but it's looking good so far!

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