Monday, October 4, 2010


Life has been keeping me pretty busy, but I haven't been ignoring my projects. Here's a few quick updates.

1) Made another appearance as Vader at the Sacramento Science Fiction and Horror Convention on Sep 25th and 26th. Good crowds and a great time! Had the pleasure of escorting Star Wars Veteran Actor Billy Dee Williams (Lando Callrisian) into the hall to sign autographs.

I took the suit off before I could pose next to him in costume, but here's a few shots from the event.

This is a shot of our 501st Table which greets fans as they approach our area. The Episode II Clone Trooper Helmet on the far left side of the table is the one I just finished, along with the Episode III Clone Trooper Helmet that has the Bondo all over it, sitting right next to it.

Another shot of our table and the helmets.

A pic of myself and my son standing together.

One of my fellow 501st Troopers (Sterling) and his girl.

Billy Dee Williams signing autographs for the fans.

Next update, another project has arrived! I received a Sgt Fang Boba Fett cast today, and will be working on it slowly.

The resin cast straight out of the box.

After a little bit of work and removing the visor area. Long way to go yet!

On another note, still a long way to go yet on the Episode III Clone. New pictures to follow this week, I hope!

On the way in the near future, a Clone Pilot helmet and two more Episode II Clone Helmets.

I also managed to obtain a Darth Nihilus mask from a friend. It's fiberglass and unfinished. Here's what it will look like when it's done:

Thanks Scott!!!

No R2 work this past month...been too busy with work and the little time I got to spend on my Clone Helmets. Hope to get back to some R2 work in a coming weekend before the weather starts getting too cold to do anything in my garage. :)

Til' next time!

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