Sunday, August 22, 2010


Been away from my garage for a little over a week! Going through R2 withdrawls, but, I've been too busy to think about him. I did find a very short amount of time this last weekend to clean up my Episode II Clone Trooper Grunt Helmet and get the paint work started on it.

First up, I used some Magic Sculp to create a nice thick layer around the base of the Neck Ring. After that set up, I sanded it smooth and drilled the holes into the lip in order to embed the magnets.

I also repeated that process for the base of the helmet.

This allowed the two pieces to come together quite strongly. I used rare earth magnets, 1/4 inch in diamter to embed in the edges (8 on the ring and 8 on the helmet). They were Super-Glued in place. I originally tried Epoxy (E6000), but it didn't hold 'em in place. They just pulled free! The Super-Glue held fantastic!!

After all of that, I coated the inside of the helmet with Black Plasti-Dip Tool Coating (Sorry, no picture of that process). Afterwards, I masked off the areas I didn't want affected by the primer coat and sprayed two coats of primer.

Then came the Satin White coats.

Next up, I'll be adding some of the other color details...grey trim around the ear and back of the head, black brow trim, black chin greeblie, etc. I'll also have to track down the Visor Material to place in the front. (You can see the black interior in this picture that I was talking about above)

I also managed to protect the area where this one is identeifed as Clone6 (C6) Helmet #24 from DWD, 2010. This is a shot taken by looking up into the helmet from underneath. I had the helmet on a make-shift stand which I hastily built out of some scrap wood from R2.

I'm liking the progress so far! Gotta get some window screen for the teeth area, and paint the teeth area grey as well. That's it for now!

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