Friday, April 9, 2010

New Tools

Didn't get home in time to do any noisy work in the garage tonight, but I ended up stopping by Lowe's to look at a few things to make life easier. I picked up a dado blade set, a new 1/2 inch Straight Router bit, some new safety goggles to keep the sawdust out of my eyes and some new ear plugs so I can quit using my Metal Detector Headphones as hearing protection!

I also replaced my Jigsaw with a new Black & Decker and a new Halogen portable shoplight. I'm holding off on the .25 inch MDF in favor of .25 inch plywood. Called a friend who already has some plywood and I'll swing by his house to pick it up.

One of the other things I hadn't thought of was using my circle attachment for my ROTOZIP to cut the rings. I hadn't used my Rotozip in several years and forgot all about it sitting up in a cabinet. Anyway, I may make another frame since I have extra plywood and see which one turns out the best. I'm enjoying all this!

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