Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today, I noticed something interesting. I was adjusting and re-cutting the horizontal ribs when I noticed the frame was "leaning" forward. Not by much, but enough to be visible to the naked eye. When looking at the frame straight on, it was fine. When looking at it from the side, you could tell it was leaning forward. So, I backed all the screws out and started adjusting some things. Nothing I did seemed to take ALL of the lean out. In the end, I called Matt McCormick and he said to bring it over. Within a few minutes, we determined my top, middle and bottom rings were different sizes. Not be much (probably about 1/8" at the most, but enough to introduce some lean when combined with other factors. Additionally, we noticed my slots in the rings weren't identical. They were close, but off. I took it all home, clamped it all down and took a hard look at the rings. The result, I'm going to re-cut the rings. I think the vertical struts are okay. I did a bit of file clean-up on the verticals tonight. I'll check-up on their measurements tomorrow. I'm also going to cut a fourth 1/2" ring (identical to the middle ring), however, it won't have any slots cut in it. From that ring, I'll create the horizontal rings and I should be able to get the clearances on the ribs pretty tight. So, I'm done for the night. Tomorrow starts the re-cut of the rings.

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