Sunday, June 20, 2010


Had a chance to do some (GULP!) potentially destructive work to the clone helmet tonight. In order to actually wear this helmet, you have to either:
1. Remove the neck line and underside of the helmet completely
2. Trim it out quite a bit
3. Create a removeable half ring by cutting out half of the neck

I chose option number three, as I learned it from watching my buddy Darren and his Clone6 work.

First, you have to make some strategic and clean cuts down the side of the neck and around the front, following the "chin". You can do this with a box knife and score the lines over and over again until they cut through. can CAREFULLY use a medium speed on a Dremel tool and use a cut-off wheel. That's what I ended up doing. I started out using the sharp box knife and quickly realized it was going to take a LONG time to cut through the resin. So, I pulled out the ol' Dremel Tool and went to work. Much quicker and easier if you have a steady hand and are patient. DO NOT MOVE FAST OR YOU COULD CAUSE SOME MAJOR DAMAGE TO THE RESIN CAST!!!!

Fifteen minutes later and you have completely removed the front half of the neck ring.

Some people may prefer to remove the back half of the neck ring instead. I thought of it and mentioned it to Darren. It's always an option, but Darren pointed out that when you are all suited up in the Clone Armor, you typically can't raise your arms above your head or reach your hands around to the back of your helmet. So, once you've placed the helmet on, if you cut out the rear half of the neck ring, someone else will have to help you get suited up. Sheesh!!! This is starting to sound as complicated as a Vader suit!!!

Anyway, I chose to cut out the front half of the neck so I can put the helmet on and take it off without assistance. Experience wearing the Vader suit has taught me the frustrations of not being able to get suited up alone. I'll make this suit as self sufficient as possible!

Now, I need to get some "Magic Sculpt" and start building up some areas inside the neck and helmet to reinforce the resin and hold some strong magnets.

You'll notice a few reddish spots here and there in the photos...yup....Bondo. Fixin' a few rough spots from the mold.

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