Saturday, July 17, 2010


Tonight, I burned up my Dremel Tool while cutting out the inner dome holes to match up with the outer dome. Not a horrible big deal because it was old and I have another one...still ticked me off though. Not finished cutting all the inner dome holes, but I have only two more to go.

I also assembled the Resin Holo Projectors from Resinparts and installed the lenses. They look pretty cool considering they're not Aluminum.

I checked on the paint job from the dome ring I painted last night and it looks smooth as glass. Probably the best paint job I've done on the droid so far. I'm learning alot as I go and hopefully I'll be able to build a second droid one of these days.

Lastly, I glued in the dark lens for the Radar Eye on the front of R2...probably one of his more recognizable features. This pic was blurry...sorry...guess my hand moved.

Well, that's it for tonight, more cutting tomorrow night.

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