Monday, July 12, 2010


Tonight, I had about an hour and a half to spend working on the Aluminum Dome. So, I started deburring the edges of the outer dome and cleaning up all the removed panels. This should allow me to apply Self Etching Primer pretty soon.

I then marked out all the inner dome panel lines and cut out the first about nerve wracking!! The first panel is removed and all I have to do now is clean up the edges. This should work out okay if I take my time. But I'm REALLY burning through the reinforced cutting wheels on my dremel!! It took 4 discs just to cut this one panel out!

Slow going, but I want it to be done correctly!

I also had a chance to apply Flat Black to my E11 Blaster Build tonight. I'm SO much happier with the finish and plan on applying the weathering pretty soon.

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