Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just trying to keep ya informed...been down sick for two weekends in a row. Hit the whole family hard. Last weekend, the wife and I both were hit with a nasty Stomach Flu, and she got a severe head cold on top of it. We both recovered and went back to work, only to have me contract the head cold this Friday, which has turned into a sinus infection and pretty much kept me out of action this whole weekend as well. Sucks, but I'm hoping to get back to R2 after Memorial Day Weekend.

Can't do anything over Memorial Day Weekend because I'll be out of town with the whole family...near Morro Bay, CA and also meeting up with a few fellow 501st members to pull my Clone Armor and Helmet somewhere in Modesto. So, it'll be a busy weekend!

Still waiting on my resin dome details from AZ (not Arizona) and haven't received my Center Ankle from JAG yet either...both pending. I did recieve the Styrene Skins from Chani last weekend though. Kind of two fold reason for getting Styrene when I already have Aluminum Skins...

1) In case something goes wrong, I've got another set to fall back on
2) I can already see a second droid in the making sometime in the future...THIS IS FUN!

...oh, and 3) A buddy of mine has expressed interest in building a static droid, so I ordered a set of Styrene for him as well.

Okay, well, gotta get some rest...back to work in the morning. Still feeling like crap...but gotta go to work!

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