Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, when you want a truly realistic C3PO Head or Suit, you take your parts and send them to a company that will Vacuum Metalize them in Gold Color. It produces a HIGHLY reflective surface and is the same process the Star Wars team used back in 1977. However, it's EXTREMELY expensive (around $1000 for a full suit) and that makes it not practical for a display head like what I'm building here.

So, Some highly reflective Gold Spray Paint will have to do.

I think it came out pretty good all things considered. I had to take off all the primer paint that was already on the Head when I received it because it was flaking off. I then sanded everything smooth, re-primered and painted the head. Now, I need to wire up the eyes, finish the lenses and put some black behind the mouth. I've also got some ideas for sound clips since it will be a display head. Stay toooned! :)

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