Sunday, March 17, 2013


So, I wasn't truly happy with the Ping Pong Ball eyes I've been working on. The other day, while walking through Goodwill, my wife and I found a .50 Cent bag of plastic Halloween eyes. They were the same material as Ping Pong Balls, but slightly smaller. I've taken some photos for size comparison.

After watching the Stan Winston School video on making eyes, I realized I needed to try a few things. Sooooo....

Based on that video, here's my garage version:
1). Split the ball in half (not required, but I wanted to work on making a flat spot for the iris)

2). Drill a 2mm hole in the center of the half

3). Using a diamond bit that I have for my drill, with a ball grinder, I started expanding the 2mm hole.

4). Once it got to 12mm, checked with a 12mm drill bit, the hole was completed.

5). Mix up some 2 part Magic Sculpt

6). Press it into the inside and set it aside to dry.

Next post, I hope to talk about the painting process and the gloss process.

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