Sunday, May 3, 2009

No new news on the R2 Front, but....

Took the family to see X-men: Wolverine today. Wow, great movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Marvel has opened the flood gates of concepts for films to come. They can do Origins of their whole catalog. Not that they should, but it will keep Marvel in the movie business for a LONG time to come.

As a side note, when the picture was over, I turned to my wife and asked her who Hugh Jackman reminded her of...she thought but didn't say anything. I then told her that I could see him playing a young "Inspector Calahan" from the Dirty Harry films of the 70's/80's.

Not sure of a plot or anything, but he's got the look. She immediately there, I posted it first! LOL 3 May 2009

Hopefully, Clint Eastwood will see this and buy me a beer to say thanks! LOL

As far as my R2 build goes, still waiting on the skins. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon.

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