Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to a "Research" phase...

Well, since R2 is on hold, I'm going back into full research mode. I do have the dome purchase completed, so I'll begin lining up my resources for the dome parts. Recently, I was able to obtain an 18" Sonotube that I can play around with for the body. Not too sure where to go with it, but I'll have a better idea once the dome arrives. It didn't cost me anything for the Sonotube, so, even though I want to build the frame, the tube will give me some trial and error, etc. Plus, if I remember the set-up on Ed's R2 correctly, it would be nothing to start working on the Sono and still have the dome removable for when I move to a wooden or aluminum frame. It just gives me something to focus my mind on as I try to relieve some stress at home. I need to find some references from builders who have already used the Sono for a body. Google here I come!!!!

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